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News Letter 1- The Beginning!

Hi to all my new Subscribers,Fans,Students & Collectors.

Welcome to my first official Newsletter / Vlog! Hope you guys will enjoy!

Please comment below if you like the this update or have some ideas for making the experience better for everyone.

Please recommend & review my Facebook artist page if you haven't done so already!

All my social links is available on my website at the footer.

Should you have any questions or requests please Contact Me and I will assist asap!

Thanks so much for your support.

Have an awesome November!!

Kind regards


My available art at the time of this newsletter

Artwork sold in month of October 2019

The Artist Chair

I have been walking around with the idea of sharing my knowledge & helping fellow artists/students.

The Artist Chair was born.Please have a look at the first episode my dear subscribers and tell me what you think!


For More Information about my Artist Products please visit:

Vermeer Artists' Colors & Mediums -

Official Bitcoin Donation Address:


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