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Scattered Coins



Welcome to my NFT - For A Good Cause Projects - I am currently running in collaboration with Community Business Token

on OpenSea Marketplace

Community Business Token (CBT) was created to make a sustainable difference in our communities.

The main purpose of these projects is to create meaningful intellectual properties & collectability of quality Art.

Nico le Roux does not take any profit of these sales but will invest into community projects that need urgent help!

The sale of these artworks will greatly aid the local community and help fund community projects

We are currently running a number of very interesting and unique collections.

All artworks are One of a Kind




Visceral, Poignant…sometimes Raw and Frank, Tales of the Skin visually convey life experiences, good or bad, and how they manifest in the mind and on the surface of mortals.

These works of art strive to express & create immortal absolution.

The ambition & mission is to create meaningful Intellectual Property

Signed High-Resolution Download when purchasing & more

Each artwork is unique 1 of 1


Big 5 Collection

This is the first collection from CBT under the theme "Out of South Africa - For the globe" The big 5 family, is one of the most famous attractions in South Africa, and for this reason, CBT decided to start with the "Big 5 Collection"

CBT is a proudly South African-based token and already internationally adopted, its business marketplace is quickly growing in popularity, bringing a solid functional part in the usage of CBT. The core fundamentals of CBT is all about building self-sustainable communities, through various projects and NFT is one of its channels.

Don't miss out on collecting your CBT NFTs and be part of something far more bigger.

BIG 5_Socialmedia_watermark.jpg


South African Beauty

CBT is super excited to bring you this incredible collection of South African beauty.

CBT was born in South Africa and taking its vision to the world. The Rainbow nation, with reason, beauty and passion.

The southernmost country on the African continent, population of close to over over 60mil people and 11 official languages.

Although it probably has one of the youngest histories compared to other countries, it holds such a rich history.

CBT is a proudly South African project with a vision as rich and big as the heart of its people.


All about the tunes

This collection of very unique paintings gives LIFE to music that has changed and continues to inspire the Artist's life.

Very Limited & Rare 1 of 1 works of Art.

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