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Artist statement

Visceral, Poignant…sometimes Raw and Frank, my work visually conveys my life experiences, good or bad, and how they manifest in my mind.

I then comment…approaching or more truthfully, using the brush or tablet, and paint as a self-nurture to express and remedy years of exploitation, abuse, discrimination, trauma, trepidation, sympathy, empathy, dark passengers, and demons of existence.

I strive to create immortal absolution with pigment and binder, shape, and value.

Replicate is no option, rather understand each composition, each subject…adding..taking away, planning profusely before the first stroke is made.

In the end that never ends…my work will just speak the truth, no matter how far, absurd, or unbelievable the story.

2020 logo iron fxsquare crop.png
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